5e Player Reference Sheet

I'm introducing some new players to 5e this weekend, and I decided to take a swing at a player reference sheet. There are a million of these things available through a Google search, but I wanted to create one with a little visual flair in the hopes that it would help to intrigue the players. Ideally these are used when a noob has a question during someone else's turn, and they're able to find an answer on their own.

I had a few criteria:

  • One sheet, two sided
  • Concise explanations with PHB page numbers for more detail
  • Fit the combat stuff on one side
  • Dense information, but not to small for older eyes
  • An accessible layout, with visual markers
  • A little bit fun

I used a three-column layout, knowing I'd have a lot of small tables, and made some art to break up the wall of text. I also provided links to DnDBeyond in case this gets used as a digital file.

I'll be testing it out on my new gamers. I hope you find it helpful as well.