Free Stuff

These are things I made for my games. I hope you find them useful too.

Papercraft Mini-Steeds.jpg

A Horse for My Kingdom!

Don’t settle for walking. These foldable furlongers are perfect for every RPG need: mounted combat, rapid transit, or just lording it over the common folk.

Their “saddles” are 1 inch square, so your miniatures can ride in style. Just print, cut out, and fold. The result is nicely sturdy when printed on heavy paper. Plus, they go flat for travel and storage — what GM doesn’t love that?

And there is a whole herd of champers to choose from:

  • 8 horses
  • 4 ponies
  • 2 battle-ready destriers: “Carrots,” the noble steed; and “Styx,” the jerk.
  • A unicorn. A freaking unicorn.
  • A wolf and a mastiff.
  • A boar. A bear.
  • For DIY-ers, a blank template. Or a Thestral. That may actually be a Thestral.

Plus, they’re free. Compare that to Seattle Dancer, who sold in 1984 for $13 million.

5e Race Heights.png

D&D Relative Height Chart

It's easy to forget the relative sizes of races, but it can be important for roleplaying. This chart will help remind your players that a halfling pretty much fits in a goliath's boot.